Pengembangan Kurikulum Pendidikan Islam Dalam Perspektif Multikulturalisme

  • Muhamad Iqbal Ihsani Institut Agama Islam Negeri Syekh Nurjati Cirebon, Indonesia
Keywords: Eduction, Islam, Multiculturalism


Education is a long human experience during life in the world. With that experience, humans will gain knowledge that is used as a guide and frame of mind in living life. In addition, education is also one of the gates for humans to make themselves whole as real humans. These two things underlie that education is the most important thing in the process of human survival. This literature study puts forward and builds the concept of the idea of ​​developing Islamic education in the perspective of multiculturalism. In addition, this study uses a philosophical approach. The curriculum presented by Islamic education must be able to touch all groups, whether black or white, caste and strata. The Islamic education curriculum also provides the same place to humanize humans in directing the true goals of Islamic education. Eliminate all kinds of differences that all students in any part of the world must receive a proper Islamic education, in accordance with the guidance in the Koran and al-Hadith. As well as students are given free space in the will to express all forms of work and copyright.


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