Analisis Penyebab Turnover Pada Exkaryawan Yayasan Dana Sosial Al Falah (YDSF) Surabaya

  • Ulfatun Nazilah Universitas Islam Negeri Sunan Ampel Surabaya, Indonesia
Keywords: YDSF Surabaya, the national amil zakat institution, turnover and causes of turnover


YDSF is a pioneer national amil zakat institution based in Surabaya. In the last few years YDSF Surabaya has experienced significant employee turnover. Turnover can accur anywhere and be experienced by anyone, but not all turnover has a positive effect. In fact, many companies whose operational activities are disrupted, even suffer losses duet to uncontrolled turnover. The results showed that the turnover rate that occurred at YDSF Surabaya since 2017 is in the high category becouse i tis more than 10% every year. The factors that encourage informants to choose turnover are feeling less developed, comfortable in working, continuing to study, salary, attitudes of superiors, personal affairs, and career path. In addition, other factors that also have an effect are the age of informants under 30 years of age, weak attachment to institutions, low job satisfaction, years of work under 2 years, level of education and intelligence and a work culture mismath. These factors can be used as a reference for better institutional management planning


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