Investigating Students’ Obstacles in English Learning on Speaking Skill at Mts Miftahul Ulum Gondanglegi English

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Maura Sela Azizah


The paper aims at investigating the students’ obstacles in
English learning on speaking skill. The research design in
this study was a descriptive with qualitative paradigm. The
subjects of this study were eight grade class consisting of 28
students at MTs. Miftahul Ulum Gondanglegi. The research
instruments applied in this research were questionnaires and
interviews. The questionnaires were distributed to the
students, while the interview was conducted with the
English teacher.
The results of this research revealed that the students faced
two main obstacles in speaking skill; students’ language skill
and students’ phycological obstacles. In terms of students’
language skill, the students faced poor in vocabulary obstacle,
poor in grammar obstacle, poor in pronunciation obstacle.
While related to students’ phycological challenges, they
encountered challenges such as fear of making mistakes,
having shyness, feeling anxiety, lack of confidence, and lack
of motivation.


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Maura Sela Azizah, & Mulis. (2023). Investigating Students’ Obstacles in English Learning on Speaking Skill at Mts Miftahul Ulum Gondanglegi: English. Journal of English Language and Pedagogy, 2(2), 54-65.


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