Impulse Buying Behavior Generasi Milenial: Valuasi Maslahah Fintech Ovo dan Go-Pay

  • Tutut Alawiyah Universitas Islam Negeri Sunan Ampel Surabaya, Indonesia
Keywords: Characteristics of buying behavior, impulse buying, Maqāṣid al-sharī’ah.



Abstract: The people's consumption behavior continues to experience a shift in line with the increase in income and technological developments that penetrate the financial sector. The availability of convenience through fintech platforms makes the public, especially the millennial generation, moved to change in all fields to meet needs.

In meeting needs, inherent characteristics such as short-term thinking, impulsivity and adaptive technology. These three characteristics of buying behavior make the millennial generation more comfortable with the presence of OVO and Go-Pay. OVO and Go-Pay also offer various promos that encourage impulsive buying to get out of hand. In this case, the millennial generation is entering the planned impulse buying type on the use of OVO and Go-Pay because the frequent consumption of the millennial generation is due to the presence of promos/discounts.

According to al-Shāibī, benefit can be realized by meeting the needs of arūriyāt, hājiyat, and tasīniyāt, from which arūriyāt's needs are ensured, welfare is formed before reaching other needs. Because the fulfillment of arūriyāt can prevent oneself from being damaged, that through arūriyāt one understands how to guard al-kulliyāt al-khamsah. However, the facts are inversely proportional to what they should be.


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